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Standard, Custom and Color Matching Paint Colors

Dunbarton is able to color match to any Benjamin Moore™ or Sherwin Williams™ Color.  Below is a list of specific colors matched recently.



Gray prime paint specifications

Dunbarton’s prime painted frames are designed with the end user in mind. In order to provide a quality Prime product to our customer that will allow them to use most any good quality oil or water base paint and have the adhesion necessary for a long life of the product. Please keep in mind that Dunbarton has not tested every known paint Manufacture that makes paint. There may be some types of paint that will not work on Dunbarton’s prime coated frames. We are not aware of any that will not work at this time. However, it is the responsibility of the painting person or painting contractor to follow the top coat paint manufacturing recommendations for applying their paint. It is a must that the prime frames be kept in a dry location and not allowed to get wet before they are top coated. To help meet Dunbarton’s green initiative we use a blend of different color paints all high solids polyester that we have left over from special color orders that we paint. The paints are blended with raw materials to make up our Gray primer paint only. The Gray prime paint goes through the same quality testing requirements as any other paint that Dunbarton uses.

The following are the specifications for our prime paint

  1. Gloss- 0 to 5 degrees using 60-degree gloss meter.
  2. Hardness- HB to 3H using calibrated lead pencil, ASTM.-D3363-93a
  3. Adhesion- primer to metal frame, ASTM.-D3359-97, not more than 10% loss
  4. Paint film millage- no less than 1 mil. Must have full hide no visible metal showing on front of frame.
  5. Paint cure- 100 double rubs using MEK.
  6. Humidity test- ASTM.-D1735-93a. 50 hours.