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At Dunbarton, we aren’t just one product; we are
Your Complete Opening Solution. We offer door opening solutions from RediFrame and RediFlex frames to bifold SlimFold Closet Solutions. Do you need just a frame or a complete unit? Click any photo to see how Dunbarton can provide your solution!

RediFrame RediFlex

RediFrame’s unique, strong-as-the-wall design is available in fixed wall sizes (RediFrame) and adjustable wall size (RediFlex) designs.


Slimfold® bifold doors are prefinished and blend beautifully with any decor.

Slimfold® Mirror Doors are designed to enhance both residential and commercial applications.

Hollow Metal

Dunbarton’s LS Series Hollow Metal Doors, masonry, and drywall Hollow Metal frames are designed for standard and heavy-duty applications that will provide years of maintenance-free performance.


Redi-Fit combines the durability of a commercial door with the flexibility of an adjustable steel door frame. With the addition of a factory-installed threshold and weatherstrip, Redi-Fit is a time and money-saving solution.


RediKit conveniently packages the kerf RediFlex steel frame, threshold, and weatherstrip along to develop a prehung unit when you add your door.


Dunbarton offers accessories to complete any project including weatherstripping, casing, and thresholds.