Do you have a simple question about RediFrame's Prefinished Steel Door Frames? We have the answer right here.

1. Can RediFrame help with LEED credits for green building?

Yes, RediFrame and RediFlex has recycled content with the steel. The factory refinish can help with credits as well. Click here for more information on LEED.

2. Can RediFrame be fire rated?

Yes, a maximum of 90 minutes through Warnock Hersey (ITS) can be done with RediFrame and RediFlex.

3. Is RediFrame available in Double Egress?

Yes, RediFrame can be down in double egress and fire rated to 90 minutes with a 8′ x 8′ maximum frame.

4. What material thickness is Rediframe available in?

16, 18 or 20 gauge

5. Are Rediframe available in galvanized steel? 

Yes (A40)

6. Why use a prefinished frame? 

Dunbarton factory finish saves time, cost and is friendly to the environment.  For more information, check out our Prefinish page.

7. Are Rediframes available welded?

No, Rediframes are provided KD (knock-down) only.

8. What casing (trim) options are available?

Steel (standard), aluminum, S56 Steel Colonial (2-1/4″ ) or prepped for wood trim (by others)

9. Can you have different casing on a single frame?

Yes, it is common to have steel casing on one side and wood trim on the other side.

10. What is a ” lance” ? 

A The lance is an integral clip formed in the leg (face) of the frame to accept steel, aluminum or S56 casing.

11. What is a ” nail hole” ?

A nail hole is the prep for wood trim.

12. What colors are available for Rediframes?

A Rediframe Brown, Ivory, Bright White and Prime are available at no upcharge. Mojave Brown, Black, Lt. Grey and Tan are available with a per frame charge. Rediframe can be provided in any custom color with a per frame charge. A set-up is required for orders less than (100) frames.

13. What is the minimum wall size? 

2-5/8″ for 1-3/8″ frames or cased opening profiles 2-7/8″ for 1-3/4″ frames 4″ for 1-3/8″ X 1-3/4″ communicating frames 4-1/2″ for 1-3/4″ x 1-3/4″ communicating frames.

14. What is the maximum wall size?

Up to 15″ wall size (no fire rating) and 13″ wall size (90 minute fire rating) are available in 1/8″ increments.

15. Is Rediframe available with a kerf?

Yes, a kerf profile is available for a snap-in weatherstrip.

16. What are the frame configurations for Kerf Rediframe?

Yes, Kerf Rediframe is available for 1-3/4″ doors only. It is not available in sidelite, borrowed lite, communicating or cased opening applications.

17. What hinge preps are available?

For 1-3/8″ doors: 3-1/2″ x ¼” radius template hinge. For 1-3/4″ doors: 4″ x ¼” radius template hinge, 4-1/2″ square template hinge (standard weight), 4-1/2″ heavy weight (Rediframe only), 5″ standard weight (Rediframe only), and 4″ x 5/8″ radius ” Universal Hinge. Prep” (template or non-template).

18. What is a Universal Hinge Prep?

The UHP is designed to accommodate multiple hinge patterns that occur on insulated steel entry doors. The hinge emboss is fixed but different hinge gussets are supplied for the various manufacturers. Each hinge gusset is numbered thus: #1 = Template hole pattern, #5 = Therma Tru, Taylor / Perma Door, Masonite; #6 = Challenge, Masonite (Castlegate); #7 = Stanley Door Systems.

19. What strike preps are available?

For 1-3/8″ doors: 2-3/4″ Adjustable T-strike For 1-3/4″ doors: 2-3/4″ Adjustable T-strike, 4-7/8″ ASA strike, or 2-3/4″ deadbolt strike.

20. What is an adjustable t-strike? 

A two-piece strike plate that allows the door to be adjusted to eliminate the rattle.

21. Does Rediframe have welded hinge plates like hollow metal frames?

14-gage steel gussets (plates) are applied in the factory (standard). Exceptions:  4-1/2″ heavy weight and 5″ standard weight have welded hinge plates like hollow metal.

22. Does Rediframe have welded strike plates like hollow metal frames? 

No, the screw holes are extruded into the steel and self-tapping screws are used.  Adjustable ASA has tapped bracket.

23. Will Rediframe hold a heavy door?

Yes, Rediframes have been cycle tested using a 22-gage frame and a 188-pound hollow metal door for 1,000,000 cycles.

24. Does Rediframe make borrowed lites and sidelites?

Yes, RediFrame can be done with sidelites, transoms and borrowed lights.

25. Are sidelites available for 1-3/8″ doors?

No, 1-3/4″ doors only

26. What is the maximum width and height for a sidelite or borrowed lite frame?

10′ x 10′