Ahead of the field...

Dunbarton pledges to stay ahead of the field when it comes to fire ratings.

We have taken the initiative to pass the most stringent and difficult tests to acquire the Warnock Hersey standard in both neutral (UL 10B) and positive (UL 10C) pressure fire ratings with RediFrame and RediFlex along with NFPA 252 criteria.

All RediFrame fire ratings can be applied to drywall construction with both steel and wood studs along with concrete/masonry walls using a sub-buck channel or wood buck with sheet rock. All frames must be self-closing (closer or spring hinges) and self-latching.

The level of fire rating of the opening will be determined by the component with the lowest test rating. Frames for 1-3/8” doors cannot be fire rated. Smoke and positive pressure opening may require additional category “G” seals.

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We stand behind our product!

We stand behind our products because they are tested and approved! Before we introduced our latest RediFrame Double Egress, we tested it at the ITS facility for 90 minutes to ensure fire safety! This is just one more reason you can trust the Dunbarton product! 

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