HollowMetal Wood or Metal Stud Application

For KD (knockdown): Frame is anchored to the wall using compression anchors at the top of each upright. Tighten or loosen each compression anchor screw to plumb and square up the frame in the rough opening. For the bottom of the frame upright, a base anchor is used to anchor the frame to the stud through the sheetrock.

For a welded frame: Set frame plumb and square before constructing wall. Attached steel studs to back of frame with steel stud anchors. Fasten with sheet metal screws to wall studs. Build rest of wall around the frame opening.

Masonry Wall Application HollowMetal Top Down

Note: ON FIRE-RATED FRAMES, fasteners must be a minimum of 1/2” (13) longer than the thickness of the drywall or sheathing applied to the stud.

HollowMetal Masonry Application

Frames can be attached to a concrete/block wall after the wall has been installed with EMA (existing masonry anchors) and 4” expansion bolts. Frames can be installed before the block wall using strap anchors as the block is laid. For frames under 7’6” in height use 3 anchors per upright, for above 7’6” in height, 4 anchors are required per upright.

NoteON FIRE-RATED FRAMES, frames must be properly fastened to the walls per manufacturers specifications.