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Dunbarton offers accessories to complete any project including weatherstripping, casing, and thresholds.

Accessory Solutions Made Easy

Unlimited Casing, Thresholds, and Weatherstrip Options


Dunbarton frames and casing are designed to work together to offer the best commercial, industrial, and multi-family package. We offer casing in steel, aluminum, and S56 Colonial. However, you also have the option to use any wood trim you prefer. Additionally, all trims are available in our standard colors or custom color-matched to meet your job specifications!

Dunbarton provides casing for our frames in three styles:

Steel Casing: 1-1/2″ width

Our steel casing is 1-1/2″ is standard on all RediFrame products except Kerf RediFlex.

Aluminum Casing: 1-1/2″ width

The aluminum casing is an extruded casing designed with modern, sculpted lines in durable prefinished aluminum.

S56 True Colonial Casing: 2-1/4″ width

S56 Colonial casing is a true 2-1/4″ width casing that brings a traditional design to any project

Casing Styles

S56 Colonial Casing

Profile Drawing with Dimensions

Casing Installation

Our casing is easy to install but every so often it is necessary to uninstall and adjust. We recommend our Casing Tool available to order here. Please follow the instructions as indicated on the video!

Casing Installation Attachments

Casing Corner Clips

Dunbarton’s Casing Corner Clips are designed to hide surface distortion and gaps. They are also designed to allow the casing to be removable in case of any changes. When installing casing on RediFrame and RediFlex frames, the supplied clips are designed to snap in place into both ends of the header casing. After installed, the clips help ensure the proper alignment of the miter between the header casing and jamb casing on our steel, aluminum, and S56 Colonial casing.

Note: The RediFrame system does not require crimping to hold the clip in place.  The combination of the casing, frame lance, and clip design also makes sure the casing does not rattle during the operation of the door. 

Aluminum & Steel Casing Corner

S56 Casing Corner

Casing Retainer Clip

Aluminum & Steel Casing Corner


The purpose of a threshold is to close the gap between the bottom of a door and the floor. Thresholds are used with door bottoms and weatherstripping to seal the opening, preventing air, rain, and snow from entering.  Dunbarton has four standard styles with two extenders for the fixed inswing, with other options available.

Product Specifications

FASTENERS: #10 x 1-1/2” flat head Phillips screws, provided. Other screw types and anchors are available upon request.
MATERIAL: 6063-T6 Aluminum
WIDTH: See profile Tech Sheet for details

Kerf RediFlex: Threshold Notching

  • Over 23 threshold prep notches on the actual thresholds.

RediFlex Frame: Notching for Sill – Standard Guides Below

A complete guide for each style below in yellow.

  • Notch for 5 or 6 degrees
  • ADA notch flat 1/2″
  • 7/8″ marble notch

RediFrame: Field Notching for Sill – Click Guide Below

  • RediFrame is not available pre-notched but the chart for on-site notching is available by download here.Field Notching Guide



ADA Saddle Sill

Notching Guide

ADA Tile Face

Notching Guide

Bumper Outswing Sill

Notching Guide

Fixed Inswing Sill

Notching Guide

3/4″ Extender for Fixed Inswing Sill

Notching Guide

2″ Extender for Fixed Inswing Sill

Notching Guide


Kerf Weatherstriping

Dunbarton’s 90-minute fire-rated weatherstripping is available in three colors: white, brown, and beige. The easy-to-install kerf weatherstripping comes ready to install on-site or is available pre-installed. Be sure to specify weatherstripping when ordering kerf frames.

View Complete Fire-rating Information

Kerf Weatherstrip Sizes Available

Weatherstrip 500 Reach

Weatherstrip 650 Reach

Weatherstrip 750 Reach

Weatherstrip Colors