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Invaluable on Retrofits!

My experience with Dunbarton has been nothing but excellent and a pleasure. Their customer service and flexibility when it came to custom door & frame needs were invaluable on the retrofit projects we worked on. I have recently changed positions and one of the first things I did when landing at my new position with my new employer was to get opened up with Dunbarton. I hope to continue to build a long and prosperous relationship with the people who take care of my needs

Ed Harding
Superior Hardware Products

RediFit units efficiency make for smooth project!

Our project, Student Housing for ECU, consisted of almost 300 RediFit prehung units. The shipping method used allowed us to receive each one with no damage. The installation has been smooth. The split jamb profile allowed us to accommodate varying partition widths making the install process even more efficient. Would certainly look to purchase these frames again for the next multi-family project we are involved.

J. Dale Manning
East Coast Access

High Quality, Short Lead Time

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the employees of Dunbarton for everything they do to ensure the purchase order requirements we pass through are delivered on time, with a high level of quality built in, and within a really short lead-time.  These are key elements to the success of our business. We couldn’t ask for a better partnership with a supplier. 


Kick Butt Service

I appreciate the supreme extra effort from Dunbarton.  That’s why I don’t ever buy the other guy’s frames….you guys kick their butt! I will always come back to you guys!

Greg Hastings
KC Millwork

Positive Communication

Really appreciate the positive change of direction regarding communication. Dunbarton and the team have really stepped up recently while the heat and pressure is on to execute during these weird times. Other suppliers tend to clam up and shut down communication. I am disappointed delays, however it is much easier to communicate to our client in advance like this, rather than the week of. This level of service definitely separates you from the competition, in turn helps us stay ahead of our competition. Keep it up! We are all cheering for you all.

Chris Wilson

Quick Delivery

I received my order of RediFrame much quicker than an order of the other guy’s frames. I will be completely changing back to RediFrame and Dunbarton! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Drew Varner
Southeast Building Material

Above and beyond

There is no other manufacturer/supplier that would go to the lengths that Dunbarton has to satisfy the needs that this customers has needed us to do to satisfy the needs of this job! Thank you so much from this distributor and my customer!

David Ezell
Allied Door & Hardware Company

Great Customer Service

There are two people who for Dunbarton that I interact with almost on a daily basis, that I would just love to thank and let their supervisors know that they are doing an amazing job. I would like to start with thanking Tate Coker. He is kind and understanding, and willing to help to the best of his abilities. There are times that he doesn’t know, and he is honest in that moment. However, I hear back from him the same day with an answer. I never have to wait long, and I know that he is always just a phone call away while I am trying to order.The second person is Blake Seymour. He is also very patient and kind, and knowledgeable. He is willing to spend whatever time is necessary on the phone helping to step me through any and all questions. Recently, we spent about 45 minutes on the phone with me asking question after question and Blake not only answering, but doing so in a way to help me visualize what he was talking about so that I could better understand and retain the knowledge to make ordering doors and frames easier in the future.I know you are one giant amazing company. They  both are very clearly passionate about their jobs and their customers.  I just wanted to ensure that hard work was seen and that they know it is all very much appreciated. 

Janel Germain
Tampa Contractor Supply