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Cochener Garvey Capital Partners (formerly CGF Industries), is a Wichita based private equity firm with an investment history of over 50 years. CGCP invests in companies and people that support and define the everyday world around us.

Dunbarton Corporation has been a flagship asset in a portfolio of businesses owned by CGCP since 1986.

Cochener Garvey has a long history as a privately owned holding company headquartered in Kansas. Established in its original form as C&G Grain Co. in 1947, the company was founded as a partnership by Ray Garvey, his two sons,Willard and James, and his two sons-in-law, Dick Cochener and George Lincoln.

The company’s initial focus was in agriculture leading to successfully building one of the largest networks of grain processing and storage facilities in the United States. CGCP has evolved from a holding company (CGF Industries), with diverse operational interests, to a closely held private equity firm.

Board leadership is provided by Donna Cochener, the great granddaughter of Ray H. Garvey.

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