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Dunbarton history

Company History – A Journey of Innovation that began in 1946.

Ternes Steel Company

Dunbarton Door and Entry Systems began its innovative journey over sixty years ago in post-World War II Detroit, Michigan. William A. Ternes established Ternes Steel Company, Dunbarton’s founding company, in 1946 to develop military housing.

Slimfold® Steel Bifold Doors

In 1954 the company began production on the first steel bifold closet door, based on an original design. With the introduction of the Slimfold® door, the small company entered the building products industry — and never looked back.

Location to Dothan, Alabama
In 1972 the company moved to Dothan, Alabama. The move was assisted by key personnel who had seen the company grow into a major U.S. producer of steel closet doors. The location was more convenient for the emerging Southeast and Caribbean markets, and provided excellent transportation and climate advantages. Dunbarton added a new product to its manufacturing processes: the Rediframe® Prefinish Steel Door Frame.

Dunbarton Today
Today, Dunbarton manufactures three building product lines: Rediframe®Prefinished Door Frames, Slimfold® Closet Systems, and Achiever® Entry Systems. Production is located in Dothan, Alabama, and is supported by a nationwide network of distributors and a satellite facility in Camden, Tennessee.

Our growth objectives are underpinned by a belief in our people. It is through the Dunbarton family of employees that we design, produce and deliver products to exacting quality standards. Our active design development process is focused on bringing a host of new products to market and supporting an expanding distribution network. Dunbarton prides itself on customer service that is second to none. If it is possible, we will do it. Our reputation says it all!