Threshold Dunbarton

The purpose of a threshold is to close the gap between the bottom of a door and the floor. Thresholds are used with door bottoms and weatherstripping to seal the opening, preventing air, rain, and snow from entering.  Dunbarton has four standard styles with two extenders for the fixed inswing, with other options available.

Product Specifications:

FASTENERS: #10 x 1-1/2” flat head Phillips screws, provided. Other screw types and anchors are available upon request.
MATERIAL: 6063-T6 Aluminum
WIDTH: See profile Tech Sheet for details

Dunbarton provides notching for thresholds in two variations:

Kerf RediFlex: Threshold Notching

  • Over 23 threshold prep notches on the actual thresholds.

RediFlex Frame: Notching for Sill - Standard Guides Below

A complete guide for each style below in yellow.

  • Notch for 5 or 6 degrees
  • ADA notch flat 1/2″
  • 7/8″ marble notch

RediFrame: Field Notching for Sill - Click Guide Below

  • RediFrame is not available pre-notched but the chart for on-site notching is available by download here.
Dunbarton Threshold Pro TipUpdated

RediFlex Sills & Notching guide

Click each photo to see a larger view of the threshold and to view and/or download complete information.